Notturno - Z A Maxfield I recently read another vampire book and I felt it was more PWP (Porn with Plot), wishing that there was filled with more character development. And you know what? What I was looking was this series!There is still that edge that Maxfield is known for, but I do not have to be wigged out by the morals. There were times where I wanted to slap Donte, I certainly would not have taken his attitude like Adin did.But I think really, that's what this book is about in some ways, it's not that Adin let Donte walk all over him, but rather he allowed Donte to just be himself and grow on his own.I am working my way through the second book, but so far I have enjoyed it just like this one. What is scary is that the third one is not out yet and it is two years later. But Maxfield said that she was working on this one next. (Crosses fingers).Read this book, you will love it.