Screwing the System

Screwing the System - Josephine Myles First off, I usually love anything that Myles writes. Part of it is the English tone, I love getting to learn about a culture that is different than my own. I love the humor that she brings to the story, and the diverse characters. I also love her courage in writing about topics that others might shy away. Basic Plot: Cosmo Rawlins is a musician, who is trying to get by with temp jobs while he and his band attempts to make it big. So enter his interview with businessman Alasdair Grant. Cosmo is instantly attracted and drawn to Alasdair. One thing leads to another and he finds himself entering a BDSM relationship with him. Can their diverse backgrounds and hidden secrets keep them apart? What I Thought: What I liked the most was how Cosmo deals with his BDSM. Their first meeting they found by accident how "Boss-man" play turned them on, and their relationship intensified as the book moved on. I loved how Cosmo learns to depend on the lifestyle to deal with his emotional problems. We get to see how positive and often needed for individuals and couples.I would not say that this book was "hard core" BDSM, but it was a bit more intense than her [b:The Hot Floor|15708784|The Hot Floor|Josephine Myles||21373935]. I labeled this as "daddy-kink", although Alasdair is not explicitly called "daddy" but rather "boss-man" or "boss". Their dialogue is sexy as hell and I really enjoyed their dynamics. But I really liked was how the relationship matured and both individuals grow and realize that they need each other. Conclusion: I have really very little to say bad about this book. If you have read her other books, then you will love this one. If you are interested in BDSM books, then you should like this one, not too light and not too dark.