From Out in the Cold

From Out in the Cold - L.A. Witt I read some of the reviews and there was all of the talk about the ex and the angst. I have to wonder did I read a different book? Yes, the characters had to deal with death, grief, and PTSD, but I found it simply and respectfully done.What bothered me the most is how one set of parents act about the son's sexuality. I know it's a reality, but it always boggles my mind how hateful they can be when it's "sinful" or "disgusting" to the parent. Of course this is a fictional story, but I know that it is a reality for some.It made me want to be there for my friends, because you never know when you might be the only support they have.Great story. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the sex part just didn't fit with the rest of the writing. I did not feel their emotional connection like I have with other books by this author.Overall, I enjoyed the story.