Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks - Kim Fielding There is a lot to this book, and having only read it once, I have a feeling I missed some things.A lot of this story is hidden at the beginning and we learn about Cleve slowly. He seems very mysterious at first. What I like about Jeff is that he is not stupid. He clearly realizes that Cleve is lying out his rear, but he makes the decision to just let it ride. So often in romances our hero is oblivious, and in this case Jeff has his eyes wide open.I enjoyed the travel aspect of this novel, I really felt like I was exploring the areas. Fielding was amazing at making us feel how it is when you do not understand the language and how scary that must be.The mystery part of it was very over the top Bourneish, but heck, this is fiction, so I just went with it.Overall, very enjoyable book.