The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I have read several J.A. Rock's books and they have some serious BDSM scenes. This book is no exception.The first half of the book was intense and dark. I felt so badly for Lane. He was put in such a bad situation with no family and no friends. Derek enters his life early on and we think he would rescue him. And yet he doesn't.Lane begins to help himself and we fall in love with his courage. We understand his emotional/antisocial issues and can sometimes relate. The secondary characters are fantastic, I would love to have seen Brin and Ferg's story. Derek eventually warms up for me and I loved him by the end. The BDSM was more psychological discipline and less play focused. I did like the puppy play and I loved the psychology of it. Makes me want to try it actually. ;)A really good book. I would completely recommend this book.