Two Silent Cries

Two Silent Cries - T.N. Tarrant hmmm. Did I like the book? Yes. Was it a realistic portrayal of ...... anything? No.There are some really great reviews out there that talked more intelligently on the hearing impaired and ASL aspects, so I will not remark on that much here. I am not sure if I have read a book that just happened to have as many tropes. Let me count the ways. Placing spoiler marks here:1. Abused by Parents: While we do not see it, Micah does talk about it.2. Gay Man Disowned: Micah is a gay man that was kicked out of the house by his parents. But that's not bad enough is it? Oh no, he is taken by his Dad two cities away and dumped in a park alone. 3. Homeless Until His Old Friend Helps: Micah is then taken in by the kindly female friend whose family is wonderful and perfect.4. Is Deaf But Manages to Have No Problems with People Understanding Him: There seems to be no problem with anyone understanding Micah. Even in the court case. We will get to that.5. Has Severe Panic Attacks: These things are very debilitating, Micah can have several a day and can not work in any traditional sense. He works as a transcriptionist at home. His dog is able to drag him to his closet for when he has his panic attacks.6. The Scarred Former Vet Vet: The other main character is the vet and of course is also half deaf and knows ASL. The chemistry between the two is instant.7. The Other Main Character Knows All About Panic Attacks: When attacks happen for the first time, Santiago knows instantly what to do.8. Murder: Of course they have to be on their first date when someone comes into the restaurant and just lays waste to the patrons.9. Vet to the Rescue: Of course Santiago is able to knock out the bad guy and save most of the wounded.10. Obligatory Hospital Stay: Of course we have cuddling in the hospital bed.11. Parents Die: Of course the parents die and siblings do not tell Micah.12. Siblings Give him Restraining Order: A deputy comes over to Micah's house to give a restraining order to not come to the funeral.13. Siblings Legal Demand: Siblings want Micah to give up all inheritance rights.14. Parents Defraud the Government: Oh look, the parents were claiming all of Micah's disability money.15. Vet Accidentally Breaks Hero's Nose: Of course, the flashbacks of the vet accidentally makes Santiago break Micah's nose.16. Vet Begins Drinking: So upset, Santiago starts drinking17. Vet begins Withdrawing Emotional: Obligatory angst engaged.18. Vet Begs Hero to Stay: We have our emotional return after angst.19. Court Case Drama: Dramatic ending where Micah gives big speech and we are overwhelmed with tears and understanding of victory.The only thing that we didn't see was any HIV/AIDS scare or rape. So I counted 19 tropes in this book.All of that being said, I did actually enjoy this book. I had to just accept that this was a fantasy book and basked in the heart warming story.Bea