Winter of the Wolf (The Wild Hunt Legacy, #2)

Winter of the Wolf (The Wild Hunt Legacy, #2) - Cherise Sinclair You know what is irritating? I love this author. Her Shadowlands books are interesting and very emotionally intense. But this series just leaves me irritated, and yes, angry.First off, I should say that my problems with the series (and specifically this book) might have to do with my personal preferences and not with the writing quality.But here are my problems:1. Once a month the females go into heat and have to have sex no matter what. To every man. REALLY? That's your plot device? I just find it insulting to reduce women to mindless slaves to their bodies. I have no problem with erotica, BDSM, or anything sexy. But note that sex is still "sane, safe, and CONSENSUAL". This is not it.I suppose that we could say that she ends up not having sex with any other men, that at the last minute her body decides that it is not horny. I just find the whole thing icky.And, furthermore, the female lead has just been brutally raped and this is the scenario in which we have to deal? I just felt sick, sick, for this character and just had a rough time reading these scenes.2. But ok, I get through this and I'm like, ok, almost done. But then what happens? Oh yeah, Alpha male now has a huge urge to have sex with the Alpha wolf because of some new contrived plot device. I think I am done with this series. I just can not get over this Gathering aspect. Perhaps other's opinions vary, but if the above scenario bothers you then try something else.