Wings of Love

Wings of Love - Scotty Cade I have read quite a few romances, ranging from m/f, f/m/m, m/f/m, and m/m (yeah that's a lot of /'s). What I have always found fascinating is when I see that a man has written a romance book. Somehow I thought that they would be all butch and about sex, not in depth with discussion with their feelings. And on the other hand, when I have read female writers writing m/m, I sometimes thought, "how can she really know how it feels to be gay? That character sounds like a chick in a suit."So enter Scotty Cade. I found this book charming, emotional, and something that I could relate.My husband and I hardly ever fight, and when we have discussions, I sometimes feel like folks would not believe me. We end up saying things like, "I hear what you are saying, but this is what I am hearing...." typical psychologist talk, but it works!And yet here we have Brad and Mac, who are open and honest with their feelings and have truthful discussions. It is great not to have an author just use some typical misunderstanding or personality trope to cause friction. Yes, we do have some angst, but I felt that it was realistic and it not too much.I am looking to see what the next book in this series and give it a shot. I guess what this author has taught me is that cheesy saying is really true, "you can't judge a book by the cover" or in this case, by the sex of the author.