A Strong Hand

A Strong Hand - Catt Ford This has to be one of my favorite BDSM novels.Nicholas Sayers works part time for famous erotic photographer, Damian Wolfe. He is attracted to Damian and the modeling of the erotic gear, but still unnerved because his shyness and his attraction to a man. Damian, is a Dom who has not had a partner or sub for many years and returns his attraction to Nicholas. They work out an agreement for Nicholas to model for him and for Damian to show him the way of submission. Fun ensues.What I liked about this book was the seriousness of the scenes of submission. So often when I read BDSM novels, it feels as if the author does not understand the power and psychology of submission and just shows us sexy, kinky sex. What the author does effectively do is show the range of the BDSM, that it's not a "one size fits all" environment. Nicholas' horror at the club is honest and realistic, but it also shows how some D/s relationship have different levels that work for those partners.But Catt shows us how powerful and deeply freeing submission can be and how both Damian and Nicholas find peace within themselves and each other.This is a very moving novel and I can now put it in my pile for favorites.