Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse Series)

Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood Really, this book is a part two and I read and rate it as if they are one book. This one is shorter, the romance is less about them getting together, but if/how they can survive together. We have three separate strong willed males trying to make a situation work for all.Really, I would give this one a 4.5, but round up. I was lass fanatic about finishing this one than the first, but now that I am almost finished reading the third one (at 1:40am) I want to start re-reading the series again.So obviously I loved the book!This (these) book(s) have lots of drama and angst. Not tooooooo much, but if you are sensative to those type of books then this one is not for you. Me, I guess I am a drama queen myself because I am constantly agreeing with Dan and cheering him on. Great book, wonderful author.