One Small Thing

One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn Torn between 3 and 4 stars, I'd really say 3.5 stars. A quick, cute story with a bit of angst that could have been solved by talking to each other.Three things I think that make me not give it a four:1. I really wanted this to be a poly relationship. It's not, don't worry for those who don't like it. But the friendships are so loving between all of them that I really wanted a happy ending for Dustin. Which I hear we get in book two. But in many ways I see Dustin as an interpreter between the two and it would have been interesting. Yeah, yeah, would have changed the entire tone and certainly was not the intention of the authors. I guess I just Johnlock'd it.I suppose that the reason for the star to be affected is that their friendship actually distracted me and for a bit I wanted Dustin and Erik to get together.2. Sometime I forgot that Rue was a guy. It's not that he was overly twink or effeminate (although he was very stereotypical), I have read plenty of gay romances where there were effeminate males and I had no doubt he had a penis and knew how to use it. But sometimes on the descriptions I just got lost.3. The lack of communication. I can understand it from Erik, he is socially awkward and has a medical issue. But I found no excuse for some of Rue's action. The only reason that I can think is because we "needed more angst" as a plot device.Bottom line: I enjoyed the book and will read it again. I will even check out the next book. I just had some issues/preference with some details.