But My Boyfriend Is

But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell I am giving this a four star, although really a 3.5.What I liked:1. I really liked the fact that neither Dylan or Mike is perfect, that both of them have issues that are not resolved in the first few pages.2. The storyline was not just the same rehashing of the others, but original problems.3. Joey. There is just something about this character that makes me smile.4. The last couple chapters are f'ing amazing and redeemed one character that was pissing me off.What I didn't love:1. I was surprised about one character's attitude that really pissed me off! (not Dylan or Mike). Not saying that there was anything wrong with the writing, just that the character pissed me off.2. If you are overly sensitive about cheating (meaning, the from the first moment they see each other there should be no frolicking with others) be prepared. It did not bother me, how it was handled, but some folks can be picky.Overall, a pretty good book, it was on par with the others, but not as good as Joey's. I am hoping that we see Tate the roommate in the next book.