Strawberries for Dessert

Strawberries for Dessert - Marie Sexton It is hard to write this review.... Did I like it? Do I hate it?I tore through book. I was anxious to find out what happens between Cole and Jon. I have stayed up to 1 am finishing the book, so it must have moved me. But, I am still left unsettled. Ok, so here were my problems:1. I had absolutely no care about Cole. For the most part of the book, even at the end, I rather wanted Jon to walk away. I know that I was supposed to feel and understand he is a tortured soul, but all I can see is asshole.2. I hate first person. We are left guessing about Cole's mind set. Yes, we have his random emails, but other than finding out that he is a drama queen, I don't really feel that he grew any. I might have better understood him if I had gotten a more accurate picture of him.3. The love scenes were not moving or erotic. I almost felt they should settle the bill after every orgasm. They were not emotionally charged and I did not feel any connection on the part of Cole.I understand what the author was going for (don't want to spoil anything for others). But in the final analysis, I just really didn't care for the character of Cole.So, that being said: would I recommend the book?Yes, because I did learn something. Pride and fear of rejection is not worth giving up on love. Just because your life ends up differently than you expected does not mean it is not for the best.Sometimes you just have to skydive.