Too Stupid to Live (Romancelandia)

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino The first thing that captured my eye was the cover. A cover can usually give us an idea of the tone of the story. For example, remember the historical romance novels of the ’80s and ’90s, with the bodice rippers? The Scottish Laird pillages and brings back his prize. This cover is a humorous depiction of those covers.There is just something about this cover that made me look deeper. Although I am curious why we had to decapitate the hunk? And why would a Highlander use a katana? Hmmmm he could be The Highlander—mmmmm Duncan. But I digress.I fell in love with Anne Tenino’s writing when I read Frat Boy and Toppy. The combination of humor, depth, and Dominance/submission was just captivating. I always found the characters relatable and the story-lines funny and entertaining. Too Stupid to Live certainly hits the mark. Basic Plot: This story is about a man named Sam who while working for his MFA in writing runs into love on the soccer field. Ian finally breaks out of the closet and discovers the man he wants to be is a far cry from who he was. He meets Sam who intrigued him, although Sam is nothing like his type. Can these two odd individuals make a couple? What I thought: I loved the humor and the correlation between a "romance storyline". It is rare that you can find a book that actually puts a TSTL (Too stupid to Live) knowingly into a novel. I guess it's kinda like the movie Scream, a plot-line that knowingly laughs and points out the tropes.Sam is a sweet character and we instantly relate to him. With Ian, I disliked him at first and then as I warm up to him, I realized he was deeper than he appeared. And he is the character who changed the most. Conclusion: Sometimes when you pick a book to read, it might be because of the tone, the author, or the cover. And sometimes it is a combination. I found this book because I am familiar with Tenino and then the cover caught my eye. But I continued to read the book because of the story and the characters. The combination of humor, sexy writing, and artful story writing makes for an enjoyable read.