Dex in Blue

Dex in Blue - Amy Lane I am not sure how Amy Lane did it. She wrote about porn, but at no moment did I feel like I was reading about porn. Somehow, even in the "porn" scenes, I was more wrapped up in the head of the models and what their worries were about and their inner dialogue.Some reviews have had that this book was too angsty and melodramatic. I can understand their concern. There were so many times that I looked at how much was left in the book and wondered if I could finish it. Not because it was bad, not because I was not enjoying it, but that I was so emotionally involved in the characters that I just didn't know if I could go through the problems with them.I enjoyed the book. I am not going to give it a five, because quite frankly, I am not sure I would call this a "favorite". It was so emotional, I am not certain if I would read the book ever again. I am glad that I did, but it was somehow depressing and uplifting at the same time.In the end, it did make me realize a few things:1. I am blessed to be loved unconditionally by my husband. Looking at Kane's love for Dex was just beautiful and I know that my husband would do anything for me like Kane did for him. Their love was so beautiful to see.2. I am blessed to have had a loving mother that accepted me. I have a hippy mom. Hell, she's done more in her life than I ever did! And I know, that no matter what I ever tell her, she will still love and support me. These guys didn't have that and how many gay men and women out there do not have their family's support? We need to be supportive and un-judgemental of our friends because you never know when we might be the only family they have.3. Thank God there are people out there that will stand fast for their personal beliefs and step out of the closet instead of committing suicide or hiding themselves. While this book was angsty and not all LGBT end up in these situations, we still need to support gay youth centers out there to give them the resources to thrive.Whenever I read an Amy Lane book I always think about something deeper than the entertainment of the book and consider how blessed I am in life. So thank you for writing such a great story!