The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell Again, thank you so much friends lists for letting me find this book, otherwise I would never have known it existed. Basic Plot: The voice is just Emory's a speech pathologist who just got left at the alter. He goes ahead and takes the honeymoon alone to Thailand and finds a new friend/lover in Nate. But they part ways at the end of the vacation never to see each other again. When they meet up back home, will their friendship turn to love? Some Questions: 1. I really dislike the "fade to black" romance stories. I am not asking for explicit sex scenes all throughout the book. It bothers me when we get close to any type of physical affection more than a peck on the cheek, and we get the end of the chapter. I feel like I miss something important to the story. I wonder if it is that the authors are not comfortable with writing about sex when they do this? Are they against writing about sex?2. I got confused on his sexual orientation. I get from reading later in the book that he has always suppressed his orientation and went with the "safe" straight answer. Sure, being closeted is a real thing, and men have married a woman as a cover, but that didn't really seem like what happened here. Emory almost feels asexual to me, that his orientation really had little to do with his life until he met Nate. Which, I suppose makes Nate worth the risk to come out. 3. Is there to be a second book? The ending seemed very abrupt and I wonder what happens with Emory's parents. What I loved: Dear God did I laugh! Emory's sense of humor so matched mine and I spent a good deal of this book really appreciating it. I loved how Nate helped Emory grow and how they fit together. It was well paced and I loved the secondary characters.Overall, a very good book, I jus wish we could have had more physical affection.Great read!