Afflicted - Brandon Shire There are few books that I say, you must read, but if you are curious about either of the following things then read this book:1. Is there a male/male book that can talk about something more than kinky sex?2. I wonder what is it like to be blind and/or to have a relationship with someone blind?1. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of sex but the scenes descibe more than just " hot sex". When one of the characters is blind, he sees and often speaks through touch and this can be seen no better than when making love.2.I can only imagine how it must be to live with a disability such as blindness or to be the one who loves them. The author deals with our characters with such caring and dignity, you WILL be moved and you WILL need hankies. I was blown away with his descriptions of taste of skin, smells, and sounds. What we got in this book was a story about a survivor (in both characters) not victims. You will be sorry for their pain, but not for their lives. Keep in mind that the end is abrupt, it looks like this is a book one, so be prepared to be left wanting.If I could say anything to the author it would be thank you for writing this book. Thank you for being such an amazingly sensitive writer. You moved me sir.