Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories)

Aiden's Luck (Seattle Stories) - Con Riley I just glanced at my friends list and of those who read this book, they seem to be a hit or miss on rating and enjoyment. So, take my review for what it is, just my opinion, you may or may not have the same reaction.First off, I read this book hiding in my bedroom during the holiday while family was visiting. I stayed up until 3am, turning the pages furiously. I am very grateful for this book in keeping my sanity.I loved the first book of the series, [b:After Ben|15719572|After Ben (Seattle Stories, #1)|Con Riley||21391740], there was just enough angst and conflict to keep my interested, but not too much that I got bored. The second book, [b:Saving Sean|15832099|Saving Sean (Seattle Stories, #2)|Con Riley||21567686] I really loved, but found a secondary character difficult to believe enough that it hampered my enjoyment.So, I came into this book on the fence, if I like this book, then I will try another, if it was not as good as the second one, then I might have dropped it. Synopsis: Aiden is someone who is mostly in the closet, the recent death of his adopted father keeping him from coming out to his mother and him having to step up as the "man of the family" causing him a lot of emotional stress. Aiden is someone who I could relate to immensely, trying to hide himself, trying to take care of his entire family. He is at the point where he will shatter, no man could keep doing what he was doing. Enter Marco.Marco is the brother of Ben, we got to see a bit of him in book two and we get an image of him that may or may not be accurate, after all it is from others' perspectives. What we discover in this book is that he is more than the superficial Italian lover. Conclusion: This book, to me is about a man's journey into becoming both honest with his family, but most importantly, it is that he must become honest with himself. Yes, there is a bit of angst, but to me there seemed to be a much more complex character in Aiden than what we saw in book two. So, you may or may not like this book, but I loved it. I am giving it a four star, but I might be inclined to give it a five after a re-read now that the holidays are over.Cheers!