911 - Chris Owen Ok. I avoided reading this book for a long time, the blurb not really attracting me. But everywhere I went, this came up as a suggestion, so I finally said fine and bought it this weekend.First off, not bad. But I have no idea how in the world this got put on the top of the list for Male poly relationships list here in Goodreads. I can say that there are several I liked better ([b:The Hot Floor|15708784|The Hot Floor|Josephine Myles|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1339878147s/15708784.jpg|21373935], [b:Dark Horse|8262408|Dark Horse (Dark Horse, #1)|Kate Sherwood|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348228294s/8262408.jpg|13110316], and [b:The Strongest Shape|7107671|The Strongest Shape|Tessa Cardenas|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1257537151s/7107671.jpg|7366569]) to name a few. But heck, to each their own.It starts off with the relationship of Drew and Scott. Drew is the fire-fighter and Scott the doctor. I enjoyed how their sexual relationship started off slowly, it seemed fairly realistic. Eric does not come into the picture until later in the book.Overall, the author did a good job of introducing each of the characters. But here are some of my issues:1. I never really felt that each of the triangle relationship was full developed. Sure we got sex scenes between each of the couples, but I would have liked a little more interaction other than sex between them. A great deal of the development we see is through sex.2. There was a lot of angst. It seemed that the major conflicts with this book was through some sort of outside force. Either through Drew's accident or through Drew and Scott's family finding out about Eric . The (first spoiler) is done realistically and well. That was some of the best writing of the book and I can get behind folks thinking that made it top of the list it is placed. The (second spoiler) seemed melodramatic and I kinda wanted to roll my eyes at it. Not that it shouldn't have happened, just it seemed trite.3. There was a lot of sex. But heck, this is Chris Owen, so I think we know what we are getting when we begin a book.So, I do not want folks to think I did not like the book or wouldn't recommend it, because I would. I just have no idea why the heck it made it to the top of that list.I will read it again sometime and see if I like it more. I admit that I read it in one sitting and it was late by t he time I finished.Bea