Of Dark And Bright

Of Dark and Bright - Kate Sherwood Hard to rate this one. 4 1/2 for the relationship building, but 2 stars for the crazy sister plot line.This is a much shorter book than the others and I see this as mostly just a finalization of the relationship. What I did like is how at the end of the novel the guys finally figured out a way to function, without trying to kill each other. Yet, we could tell that it was still a work in progress.So, I hate to say it, but I am giving it a three star. The passion that I felt in the beginning (no, I do not just mean sex passion) seemed missing in this book. The sex scenes were hot, that's not what bothered me. They felt forced and I did not feel the emotional connection I felt in the first two novels in this one.Overall, I enjoyed it, but honestly when I do re-reads I will probably just read the first two.