Between Sinners And Saints

Between Sinners and Saints - Marie Sexton There have been a lot of great reviews about this book, so I will just give how this book affected me.Where I grew up (in the deep South), I am familiar with how powerful religion can be to a family and how strongly the code of the church (in my case, Southern Baptist) can drive the moral code of the family. So how Levi's family treats him is accurate from my perspective and I know of similar situations within my own extended family. I am not familiar with Mormon rules and regulations, but I will assume that this book is accurate. What would I have done if I were Levi? I am not sure. I do not want to spoil anything, but I can say that I do respect how Levi and Jaime handle the Binders.I am also very pleased with how the author handled Jaime's horrific past. I do not want to go into details (a previous sexual abuse), but Ms. Sexton handled his reaction realistically. I hate when authors just gloss over the past abuse and assume that "love" will solve all psychological issues. Psychological trauma is not magically fixed by "falling in love". But Ms. Sexton does it right.Jaime's fears are natural and understandable and I applaud how Ms. Sexton handles it. I do not feel that there was too much angst or melodrama, it was just right for me. This was a beautiful story and one that I will pick up and read again.