Easy - Ally Blue I should first say this: I enjoyed the book. But really we need to consider this fantasy, not contemporary because of the unrealistic actions of both main characters.Spoiler: New boyfriend (who is a prostitute) has unprotected sex with new boyfriend New boyfriend now finds our main character and has unprotected sex right after finding out ex-boyfriend cheated on him. After kidnapping, he where he was brutally raped, he falls instantly in love with our main character and has sex right away with new boyfriend. Has no psychological issue with any of the rape or assault incidents. The problems were so ridiculously solved so easily that I had to laugh out loud and say, "Of course!" But my real problem came with the irresponsible unsafe sex encounters. Don't get me wrong, this is fiction, so of course it is up to the author, but it really upset me that these people had no concern for personal safety.Overall, I enjoyed the book. But remember, not based on any reality.