How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker It's been awhile since I've read such a captivating novel. The Plot: Missing men prompts a reporter, Kevin Price, and a private detective, Walter Simmon to work together. But by drawing closer to the kidnapper, so do the two men to each other. Can they survive the danger and overcome their differences? Kevin Price: He is our young reporter, who has remained in the closet but now finds that hiding that part of himself is becoming too much. What I liked about him the most was his humor and his dedication to others. Although he did do some boneheaded things while chasing a bad guy. And I really related to his clumsiness. Walter Simmon: Ahh, our hot, older former-cop. When we hear about his backstory, I could not help but feel poorly for him. There are times however, when we see through that crusty exterior and see his warm and loving center. What I liked: What I liked about this was how the relationship unfolded. We did not just jump into the sex, although there was plenty of sexy scenes. The mystery aspect was very good and I found the tension compelling. What Could be better: The only thing that really annoyed me was reading the "bad guy" perspective of the book. I really dislike reading those section and I mostly just skimmed the scenes where he did the preverbal "evil hand rubbing and cackling" bad guy stuff.Overall, I loved this book! I will be looking more from this author.