Dirty Laundry - Rhys Ford *Special Note: I was given a copy of the novel for review by the author. Basic Plot: Dirty Laundry opens shortly after the ending of book two, Dirty Secret. Both Cole and Jae deal with family troubles in the beginning of this installment. Jae discovers his younger sister on his doorstep and Cole’s Japanese half-brother suddenly appears in town to meet the family.Meanwhile, Cole takes a new case with a cagey fortune-teller and some untimely deaths. As usual, Cole quickly gets drawn into the danger. Can their relationship survive another drama?Strong Points:As with my previous review, I still consider the Korean culture an important aspect of the story. As described in this series, the option of being “out” is not always a feasible option for eastern cultures such as Korean. Rhys Ford takes the closeted aspect and twists it. While this follows a ” tropey” topic in m/m fiction, this novel has a distinct feel. I believe how Dirty Laundry is crafted provides a deeper depiction than other authors have provided in the past.Another strong aspect was the mystery. On most “mystery” romance books (all types), I can figure out the “who done it” way in advance. But Rhys Ford manages to hide the truth through many red herrings that damn, I followed right along. I think how the author succeeds here is in only seeing Cole’s perspective. But it works marvelously. What could be better? I really can’t see questioning anything about this book. We only receive Cole’s perspective, and that can be frustrating at times. I understand why the author chooses to do so, but I really want to get into Jae’s brain sometimes. I do not want to spoil anything, but we are left with a cliffhanger at the end of the novel. You should be used to it from reading the other stories. Conclusions: The relationship is a complex one, between Jae and Cole. It is something that cannot be answered in one book, which is why this series is such a success. Ford gives us the time and space to fully discover both characters, rather than rushing through it in one. I loved this series, one of my favorites and I am very grateful to the author for showing it to me.I look forward to discovering more about our devoted Cole and our haunted Jae.