Love, Like Ghosts - Ally Blue I have loved the series, but only read the first two. I kinda skipped 3-6, mostly because I wanted to skip the drama and Bo and Sam seemed a bit full of drama.I plan on going back, but this plot line just grabbed my attention.Adrian is Bo's son, weird and bad mojo happened when he was 11 and now he can see ghosts and move things with his mind. 10 years later, he is finishing up college when he meets a ghost he wants to help and a guy he wants to.... Err date.Drama ensues and it is a pretty good ride. Here are some reasons why this is not a five star:1. Greg. Is a bit of a whiney bitch. He does not believe Adrian when he sees ghosts and that is part of the freak out. The alternative is that Adrian is crazy or a liar. I know it might be hard to believe, but just to ignore the elephant for MONTHS? Seems unrealistic. . I know he has some trust issues from his past, but come on!2. Adrian. why the hell is he apologizing to Greg all the time? He had no reason to (well, at the end maybe a little). Greg just seemed so high maintenance to me.I loved the ghost parts and Adrian's family was great to see again. Although his mom does seem to be the self-centered clueless woman from the beginning.This book felt more like a romance book than the first two and there definitely is a HEA ending.