Adapting Instincts - S.J. Frost I really love this series, and I have been waiting for Carl's book since book one. There was just something about Carl that attracted me. I think part of it was his lack of self confidence. I mean, we are surrounded by all of these Alpha males and even Andreas was extremely confident in the beginning of his relationship with Cal. It was nice to find a character that was not perfect and whose relationship had to evolve a bit.When I saw Egill interact with Carl in book three, I thought, ahhh here's going to be the next book. Egill is one of those tall warrior men that are actually more than just calling him an Alpha male. In fact, we learn a lot about him and I loved his backstory. He is actually quite sensitive. He and Carl make the perfect couple.Now, here my problems with Daniel and Ryu. Granted, this is not with the writing, but the characters.Daniel: This guy has moments of such self involvement that drive me crazy. I really dislike how he constantly makes fun of Carl under the ruse of humor. Which, considering how low Carl's self confidence is, it just shows how shallow Daniel's character is. Of course, he does have his moments where he is sweet, so it is hard to hate him completely. Ryu: He is pretty much an A-hole to Carl in the majority of the book. I partially understand it because of what happened in the last book, but he is rather not a forgiving person. Of course, that does not mean poorly written, just means I don't like him. I really did not like their book because of both of the characters. This is actually one book in the series where there is not a huge bloodbath like the previous three books. This one is primarily about character and relationship development, which might be why I liked it so much. I did not care for book two that much, although I loved book three with the conclusion of Cal and Andreas's romance.What is hardest of this series (and Frost's Conquest series) is that the love story of the first couple overshadows the rest of the cast.I can't wait to re-read this book. Maybe a future blogpost! I love this author.