Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Ok, I loved this book! I liked the pacing, the military actions seemed accurate enough.The military seemed strangely open to gay sex, but this almost seemed set in the future, weres are out, so the culture is a bit different. I rather liked that. A few things:1. There is a lot sexual scenes. It did not bother me, but toward the end I did skim.2. We only see Lucas' perspective. I would have liked to have seen our wolf's.3. Lucas seems to be a little slow to realize things. I love how slowly we discover things (thus why we only see Lucas' perspective). But he really should have caught on sooner.Overall, I loved the book. It seemed a bit pricey to me at 9 bucks, and for a new author it was a risk. But I really enjoyed the writing style. I will check out more!