Falling for Rain - Susan Laine While browsing the M/M Romance Group I came across a string of Cross-dressing and transgender focused book recommendations. This was an area I had never read. Most of the stories have read might have a secondary character who is a "Queen", but was never the focus. Basic Plot One day, Matt Wetherton saves Rain Deveraux from a gay bashing and finds that he can not get his mind off Rain. Effeminate Rain is full of personality and life, and Matt is intrigued. They enter into a relationship, but can they make their relationship work? What I thought: Rain is such an unique character, one that is more than just dressing up like a woman and acting effeminate. What I liked about this book is that the characters are not limited by their facades, but rather we see deeper than skin. Both men have fears about the relationship and I enjoyed how the author made the unveiling exciting.I loved how the book was more than sex, but dealt with serious issues and had actual character development. A quote: "But the truth is, most relationships are fundamentally the same--regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of its members. And the key to any lasting relationship is communication. Man, if you have doubts, you have to talk to him about whatever troubles you." Which is great, especially when they both do not follow the advice and the miscommunication ensues. Conclusion: This was such an eye opening book. It was more than just a love story, I felt that I learned about the psychology of cross-dressing and how the relationship works.Great book! I will keep looking for other books by this author.