Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander Maybe a 3 1/2 stars. It could be that I was just in the mood for daddy kink (shrugs).***This review might change if I make this my blogpost for this week. Still thinking about it. :) ****First off, we know what daddy kink is right? I think we need to understand what that is first, before talking about the book. It does not mean that the person wants to have sex with their biological father and uses any male as a substitute. It is more about what the meaning of the word "daddy". I like the way that Angel describes a "daddy": "What does having a daddy mean to you?"Without hesitation, Angel said, "A daddy means acceptance and kindness and protection. Stuff like that. Teaching me things. Making me smart." The story is that of Kael, the assassin (MI6) who while on the job, finds Angel. He should kill him, but instead he takes him home and makes him his boy.A few things here. This is more erotica than "romance". There is a lot of sex. There is a lot of BDSM that is more than just "sexy fun-time". So if you do not like the Master/slave aspect, then this might not be for you. Now, I had two issues with the BDSM:1. He left Angel in a cage all day. NO responsible Dominant would have done this. NOT ONE! There are so many things that might have happened. I kept thinking, "what if the house had burned down? What if someone had broken into the apartment?" Now, as I say this, this is a book of fiction and not all Dominants are secret spies, so of course these are not "typical situations", but I do not like the idea of someone reading this book and think that that was a typical BDSM play scene. 2. Inconsistant "Punishment" and "Discipline". Punishment is when the sub knowingly does something wrong and must be punished for that action. Discipline is not for something that the sub has done wrong, but to really remind the sub what submission and domination is about. There was at least one point where Kael punished Angel for something that I do not think was realistic. Again, this is fiction and a flawed character, so it is something that his character might do, so I understand the situation. But I did not feel like the fact that he was wrong was ever illustrated.The character of Angel is incredibly immature, so much so that I would think he had some sort of disorder or was mentally handicapped. I am not making fun or a joke. Angel, after seeing a murder, jumps up and goes willingly with the killer to be his "boy". Despite no obvious experience in the BDSM world, he falls fairly flawlessly into the role of a slave, despite the fact that he does not know a lot about it. What I liked about him though, was this innocence. He is just a pure character and I loved his spirit.Kael is perhaps, one of the grayest characters I have ever read. He is a a rapist and a murderer I should hate this man. Yet, at no point did I want to put the book down. He drew me into the story and while I will not say that he was "redeemed", he did grow. By the end of the book he has realized the important of love and friendship.Overall, I enjoyed the book and I have the second book on my to read list. This is like a James Bond movie, it is fiction, so any superhuman actions and sequences should just be overlooked and enjoyed.