Some Kind of Magic - R. Cooper First book in the series, although you can read the second one out of order, I did.I enjoyed this book, fairly fast paced. We have the perspective Ray, a copy who is a shifter. This world is one where the Beings (paranormals like fairies and shifters) have "come out". Ray has found his Mate, the problem? He's half fairy. Fairy's are notoriously fickle and flighty, and Ray does not want to get into a situation with Cal, knowing that he will never be faithful......or so he thinks.There is a murder story that is kinda interesting..I enjoyed this book, it's not as good as the second one, but enjoyable. The biggest problem of this is that the lack of communication is the device for the conflict. The problem? If they had just one meaningful conversation in the 2 years (I think that long) they would be together. Really??????????Otherwise, I enjoyed the book.