Ricochet - Xanthe Walter First off: This is on a different reality, one in which the BDSM lifestyle is typical rather than a sub-culture. In some ways it reminded me of Jacquelyn Frank's [b:Rapture|6056519|Rapture (Shadowdwellers, #2)|Jacquelyn Frank|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348131874s/6056519.jpg|6140099].This world uses BDSM "punishment" as the justice system, and every person is either a "sub" or "dom". So, if you like the aspects of slave/master, punishment/discipline in your BDSM romances, I think you will like this one.What I loved the most was the writing. By the end of the free sample, I was pulled into the world and the story. I was turning the pages, the plot line that engrossing. I actually grrrrred at my husband when he tried to talk to me, I was that consumed.The story is set with Matt and Rick as TV actors, playing in a Crime show. The secondary characters were interesting and I am really look forward to Karl and Daniel's book. (please, please tell me that is coming up next).The BDSM scenes were some of the most emotionally intense I have read, and while the book did have explicit sex scenes, this was in no way an PWP (Porn with plot). I loved how Matt and Rick's romance blossomed from friendship to lovers.The scene where Rick declares his love to Matt was so great! I was cheering at my iPad! I just felt pulled into the story, the descriptions so vivid it was as if I was watching a movie.I will be looking at this author to see what comes next!