Afflicted II  - Brandon Shire This book had everything that I loved about the first book. I think what I enjoyed the most about this book is that both men make mistakes, but they always come back to each other. The author doesn't waste time making up angst to give us conflict, but continues from book one with the how Hunter and Dillon deal with making their new relationship and life together work.We see how Dillon's past job and his family come back to affect his life and his emotional state, while Hunter has to accept how his life will change now that Dillon is in it. Through all of this change they come to learn that the constant will be their love and trust with each other.Also always, Shire writes exciting sex scenes that are hot, sexy, and emotionally driven. There is a scene with rain that is so amazing and it makes me realize that I certainly do not take advantage of the world around me.This book also made me realize that I need to appreciate my husband and all the things that he does to enrich my life. And we should always count our blessings!Such a well written book and a really nice author.