A Werewolf's Soldier - Kayley Scott I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. The descriptions seemed accurate and the tension and suspense was great. But once the guys got together, it all became this "true mate" angst. I found Josh to be very emotional and crybaby, even though he is this awesome soldier. Not that a soldier can not show emotion, but at the beginning of the book he was remarking that another teammate was showing too much emotion because he was new, not like him.So what does he do when he sees our werewolf? He cries and falls to his knees. Although to be fair, not sure that I would not do the same thing in his situation.Also, the name of the bad creature we see? Dev. Really? Not even a full word? Maybe they described it and I missed it, but I am pretty sure the full name of this fearful creature was Dev. Not very scary.And despite all of the great beginnings, the ending seemed very rushed. Not to mention, some of the descriptions were very flowery: "This beautiful man..." etc.Looking at this review, you would think that I did not like it or would not recommend it. But I really did enjoy the book for the most part and give it three stars. I think many of the problems I mentioned could be resolved with more experience. Based on what I see in her profile here she has written only one book, so I look forward to watching this author grow.