For the Love of Caden  (Assassin/Shifter, #6) - Sandrine Gasq-Dion I hate having to write negative reviews, after all, what I don't like someone else probably loved. If you look at this one, it has a 4.05 rating and I have NO IDEA why. So just a few thoughts about the book:PRO:1. The idea of mixing Assassins and shifters into a world where they meet and fall in love sounds unique and interesting. 2. The romance story: How Caden and Kellan met was exciting and then the ending where Caden has to be possibly be changed and then how he adapts could be interesting.Negatives:1. Instant Mates: This is extremely tropey and has been done a lot. So if you are bringing this to the table, it needs to be well written and add something special. Unfortunately, this did not occur.2. Bad writing: The dialogue was horrible! It is not a hyperbole to say that a high school student could have written better conversations.3. Simple Plot: There really is no development of characters or relationship and the "danger" is rather idiotic and simple. Which, if the author had spent time working on character and relationship, then I could have ignored the lack of explanation on the "danger" aspect.4. Horrible Pacing: As I have said, the instant mates aspects does not give us a chance to see the romance develop. There was so much potential here! If we had had a chapters of discussion instead of just a "and then they fell in love" I would have enjoyed this book. I normally would not write a negative review, but seeing how there are so many 5 star reviews on this I just felt like my voice should be heard to balance it. This was my second book by the author and that one I gave a 2 star as well. So I guess I am done with trying out this series; I guess it is not for me.You might love it, and that's ok! I just could not get into it.