Bound by Blood - Jourdan Lane I have a hard time really defining if I liked this book. The first two messages you need to know:1). While this is a HEA type romance, it is book 1 (of at least 5 books) so do not expect full resolution.2). Get the idea out of you mind that sex with other people = cheating. If that is your feelings DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It is not fair to rate this book poorly for a different moral code. There is lots of sex with other people and NO ONE seems to mind. So just suck it up (hahahah) and accepted that it is not wrong.That was very hard for me to get past; I kept waiting for someone to feel betrayed or upset. I was disturbed at first, but I finally let go and accepted that while their code was different it was not "wrong" in this world.In fact, I have to say that the author had a lot of courage to make this vampire world not all sparkly and sweet. Yes, I found the love story between Lucien and Peter very intense and very beautiful. They explained a lot of the reason why the sexual intensity between vampire Master and others happens and why it is ok. I actually thought about how in the movie world of Underworld has this feeling of sexual freedom and could sort of relate this book to that.Now, that being said, there was a lot of sex, way way way too much. So half of me goes, this book is just PWP (Porn with plot), but the other part of me found the book well written, the overall plot intriguing, and the world deeply described.So, despite the tons of sex aspect and PWP I am actually giving this a four star rather than a 2. There was just something compelling about this story that I could not put down the book. Last warning, the book is pretty intense emotionally, so you might want to make sure you have a funny uplifting book next in line. :)