Brush with Catastrophe - Tara Lain Amazon finally got their hinny in order and I downloaded this book today! The first book is pretty good but there something about it that bothered me. I guess I'm old-fashioned someways, It tends to bother me when our main characters have some sort of sexual contact with other people during the story. Historically this author had books that were ambiguous on that line.So no spoilers here but I did enjoy this book immensely and the characters were very intriguing. Sam's character is someone that we can all relate: he doesn't really understand their own potential or value. It wasn't overly complex and a bad guy is pretty much ├╝ber bad guy.I suppose if I had any complaints about this book is that the bad guy was rather flat and he's pretty much all bad. Which is typical romance, but for me it seemed more pronounced in this book.Overall fairly good read and better than the book before.