Lucas (Vampires In America, #6) - D.B. Reynolds At first I was afraid this female lead would be like Cyn, who is not my favorite character. I was happily surprised when she was still kick ass with none of the personality faults of Cyn.I really liked Lucas, he was sexy and charming. I loved how he could be alpha, but not arrogant like Raphael. I think that what this suffers from is that it came after Duncan's book, and to me that was Reynolds' best. With Duncan, we had all four other books to get to know him. But, not counting the novella, Betrayed, I just felt like we needed more background from Lucas. This is not fair of me, I know.So, I am leaving this four star as tentative until I can re-read it with the understanding that I might make it a five.In any case, I loved the book and the author!