Dirty Kiss - Rhys Ford How have I never heard of this author before???? I will preface this review by saying that the author did give me the book to review. But as always, my opinion is always honest. ;)There was action, suspense, romance, and hot steamy sex. But what I loved about this book is the level of description, the words flowing so seamlessly it was as if pictures. I was also impressed with the cultural descriptions of Asian / Korean life and values. As Americans, it seems so easly for us to just yell to our families, "you don't accept me, well screw you!" We see these dramatic coming outs on tv and movies, but what we don't see a lot are the individuals who stay in the closet to keep their families.So this book touched me deeply in understanding that just because you fall in love, it does not solve all of your problems.I am off now to start reading the next book. Full reviews of these books on my blog coming soon.