Equation For Love - Fae Sutherland Torn between a 3 or 4 star. The enjoyment was a 4, but lack of complex plot made me say 3 stars.Here's what I liked the best. How the relationship developed between Skye and Liam was electric, and when they started to explore submission it was intense.In a way, this book really had a profound effect on me; it made me consider how it must feel to be a prostitute or porn star and how it affects their love life. For example, for most of us, we equal love to sex or at least in some form of affection. But for these folks, it is more of a job and there is less "emotion" involved. It made me wonder how do they handle serious relationships and do they?I loved how we got to see Liam's inner dilemma and how he struggled with this issue. The story is simple, but very enjoyable.