Push - Sean Michael This series for me is hit or miss, some of the books just seemed so melodramatic that I did not even try it. But this book interested me, the former cop who is friends with the Doms and subs but feels that he's not part of that world.Enter our hot Dom who begins to show him the world of BDSM. Hot sex, interesting story, but here are two things that bothered me:1). This author seems to have that, we need conflict, so I am going to invent some mid book horrific accident that makes one of heroes dependent on the other.2). I know that they said he was a "pushy sub", but I really did not see that he was a sub. It felt like to me that the author made a situation where he became dependent on him and THAT was what made him submissive, his illness not his will. I have read many BDSM books and there is usually a moment where they release their own need of control to that of their partner. But I never got that impression from Frank.I enjoyed the book, it just was not my favorite novel of Sean Michael's.