My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh I was drawn to this book because of the artistry of the front cover. Just something about it was intriguing.It's a coming of age type of story, the young love before Mal enters into college. The story itself is pretty short and there is no huge mystery story, it's just a sweet story about two young men as they find each other.Now, that being said, it seems a bit unrealistic, so to me it's more like the Yaoi Manga but the story is still well written. The only thing that really bothered me was the parents of Mal's how they really did not seem to care if he got hurt. Sure, maybe that's realistic but I really doubt a parent would at least ask why they are bruised or hurt. It did add to the feeling of isolation and alienation that Mal felt, so in that case it was effective.I could have used more backstory and a longer story, but it did not hamper my enjoyment. Overall I enjoyed the book and will look for others by this author.