Moving On - H.J. Holt You can tell by my comments as I read the book that there was a lot of sex. I don't mind reading a hot book but when there's more sex than plot that's not good. Here are some problems I had specifically:1. Psycho boyfriend: yeah, yeah, you have an abusive boyfriend. Been there done that, show me something new. Make your version of this something interesting.2. Boyfriend is stalker: Holy crap the boyfriend came to England? If this dude flies all the way over to England there's no way he just says "oh, okay you don't like me, bye!" That storyline just insults readers.3. Too much sex: Hard to believe but I have to agree with others, way too much sex. And it was all the same type sex, I did not see any loving sex.4. Stereo typical friends: We had to have the friend that of course hates our young stud. And yet are other hero does nothing to stop him from insulting him. This is only a superficial excuse to have tension in the story without actually having any additional plot.Bottom-line it was an interesting story and it could've been much more complex than what we got. I'll probably check out the author's other books but hopefully it's not as stereotypical as this.