Mind Game - Christine Feehan This is not the first Feehan paranormal series that I have read, however I enjoy the depth of plotline found within. I almost did not finish the first book, Shadow Game and almost gave up on the series. I had a problem getting behind the female lead of Lily Whitney, not really liking her and had no buy-in her happiness. However, when I read the back cover of Mind Game, I found the plotline interesting and Nicolas had always been my favorite in book 1.Nicolas Trevane is the epitome of my image of the Alpha male warrior. He is quiet and has all appearance of being cold-blooded, but inside he is deeply passionate and faithful to his men and duty.He is lethal in everything that he does, but he does not take life lightly. Both of his grandparents, the Lakota shaman and the Japanese warrior, equally spiritual in their own cultures have raised him with a respect for life. This respect for life and Zen reflection is something Nico inherits.Normally, I have problems with how one-dimensional the male Alpha lead is in a Feehan book. However, in this case, Nicholas is not your typical sniper, but has a rich background and spiritual philosophy that colors his actions. However, I did find Dahlia rather flat, a typical “female in peril”. I got a little tired of her whining about how dangerous their relationship would be and she could never be “normal”.Overall, I loved this book and it is one of my favorites in the series. I recommend this book for any reader who loves paranormal romance with well-choreographed fight scenes and hot romance action.