Living Promises - Amy Lane You read romances, some light, some dark in tone, but not all of them touch your heart. Some are so poorly written that you just skim over the bad parts jut to get to the end. Some have so much sex, but no content that you actually start skimming over the sex scenes hoping for one moment the author will have thought of something honest and significant. But this book has none of those things. This book is about life, and damn it, life is sometimes hard, painful, bloody, and precious. In all the things that make life difficult, this book also celebrates what makes life worth living: Hope of love.We see characters in this book who are not perfect, who have illnesses that could kill them and yet every one of them are survivors. And in this quest to live they each find love.I can not put in words yet the full impact of this book or this author on me. I still have to give it time to percolate. I feel a blog post in the near future.But for anyone who wants to see what life must be who have has HIV and yet still has a full life, you must read this. In fact, I would say any human should read this book to just understand that we are all people. We are all imperfect.But we all deserve love and respect.