Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown Torn between a 3 and a 4. I finally decided that it was a 4 based on the fact that I put off talking to husband, doing laundry, cleaning the house, having company over, eating, and crying like a baby while reading it. That alone deserves a 4.Basically it is a story about two married, closeted men over a period of 7 years. We see their ups and downs, when they make mistakes, learn from them, and when they do not learn from them.I spoke about cheating in another review and how recently it seems like all of the books I have read include it. In this case we are talking about two men who are closeted and married, so you can fill in the blanks about cheating.Part of me was just irritated at both of them, for betraying their love for each other. But the other part of me, obviously is not a gay male, so I can not relate at how devastating it must be to have to push down such a large part of your personality and self for the sake of your family and children.I was in tears at many points of this story, yelling at the characters at other points, but always cheering for them to get together.You will cry when you read this. Keep in mind that the book is obviously very angsty and I could have used a little dial down on that, but it is probably appropriate for the plot.