Barging in - Josephine Myles It is funny, but recently in the Goodread groups, there has been discussion on what is considered "cheating" and does it affect how you feel about the characters and author. I have found that just by coincidence, recent books have dealt with cheating in one form or other.In this book, we have someone who is what we might call a play-boy (or so called slut), Dan, who is not one for commitment. He runs into Robin, literally and the fun ensues. Is Dan capable of being in a serious monogamous relationship?I do not want to get into spoilers here, but if you are hard-core against any type of cheating, emotional or physical, this book is not for you. I however, was not bothered by it; to me it showed the character growth by the end of the book.What did annoy me a bit (in both leads) was the avoidance of communication. Which, I am sure not all relationships have great communication, but at times it felt like the author just trying to put conflict into the story.Overall, not a bad book or story. I did enjoy getting up on my Brit slang. :) Thank God for Shaun of the Dead, I actually could hear the accents in my head as I was reading this.