Bonding - C.B. Conwy I loved this book (two parts). Be prepared that you will want to start the second book (Warrior) right after you finish one. In my case, that was 12am and I finished book two at 2:30am!My first huge CAVAET about this book, it is a bit "pornish" in the realm of erotica. What I mean by that is that there is a large amount of sex scenes and the plot starts us off with a "bonding" moment that means instant love and sex.Not that it is a bad thing, but if that part bothers you then you might not want to read this book.That out of the way, I have not enjoyed a book concept as much as I enjoyed this book in a long time. I love Sci-fi romance and it is so hard to do it well. Conwy spends a great deal of time describing the culture and the current situation fairly quickly without getting too bogged down in details. Earth has been approached by this culture called, Himiko, who communicate via telepathy. Matt, our human hero, is harvested (think assimilated) and finds out that he has a Himiko mate. Pietr is the Himiko who is bonded to and must help him deal with the changes.I do not want to go too deeply into the plot, but the first half of the two parts is on how he deals in the new culture. Book two deals with how he handles moving back into the Earth culture.