Himiko: Warrior - CB Conwy This is book two of a the story and you need to have read book one (Bonding) before you read this one. It begins right where the first one ended.As I said in the other review, I loved this book. The alien culture detail was fascinating and consistent. To me this felt a bit like mixing aspects of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Sword of Truth. But never fear! It is not overly busy, it just uses aspects either subtly or humorously.That is another aspect of this series: humor. I love a book that can make me laugh and cry, often at the same time. Another facet that I adore is the "unexpected gift" of a character. We find in Matt a man who must rise to the occasion and be the man he was meant to be.This is the first time that I have read the author and I must say that I will try others. As my caveat in my previous review, the book is on the explicit range of erotica. It did not bother me, but if you are sensitive to that type of content you might not care for it.Otherwise, I loved it!