Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless Question #1: Has this author ever read any male/male romance novels? That is not to say that other male/male romance authors know 100% accurately a homosexual relationship, but they do seem to have similar personality profiles that this book lacks. This book just seems to have two whiny men that spend all of their time saying, "babe", "baby", and "pup". I really disliked the "pup".Seth has to be the most whiny main character I have ever seen. Kasey is not that much better. He somehow hates Seth immediately, then realizes that Seth is his mate and now he cannot live without him. Ok, I understand the whole "instant love" aspect of paranormal life mate romances, but this one just does not work for me. It's too quick and too happy. There is no challenge to this relationship. Question #2: Is this the author's first book? If so, then I look to seeing this author evolve. The plot itself is really interesting and I kept going forward through the horrible dialog to get to the plot twists.Another problem is that the omnipotent POV really got onto my nerves. Every person that we ran into we see into their head and then they manage to spill out every thought. All we need to do is get all of these folks into one room and there will be no need for any action, the story/mystery will be solved! Question #3: Do rape victims enjoy having rough sex/ sex with nearly a stranger? This is my pet peeve with characters who have suffered a trauma like rape, somehow seem perfectly fine when they meet their mate. How much extra work would it have been to write the first few encounters with a slower tempo and with delicacy? Authors like Christine Feehen really know how to write scenes with that level of sensitivity that this book lacked.Overall, this book had so much potential but did not deliver. I might check out the next book in the series, but this one left me wanting more.