Conquest - S.J. Frost I love this series so far! I have read book 1, 2, and 3 and loved all of them.It is the story of uprising rock star Jesse Alexander and established and burned out rock star Evan Arden. I loved the story, it might be my favorite of the Rock Star novels that I have read.What liked the most, other than the great love story is the look into the world of recording. I am no expert, but it seemed to be fairly accurate, rather than the surreal world of Jet Mykles.Keep in mind that their love story is Book 1 and Book 2. You will want to start the second immediately after Book 1.I would say that the only downside (thus the four star rather than five), was the huge amount of sex they had. I am not against sex, mind you, but after a while I just moved along.I really enjoyed the angst in this book as well. It was not too much, but just right!